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New collection: Dafina’s Soapy Delights

Dafina’s Gem: "Skin is porous.  Whatever you put on your skin eventually lands in your bloodstream. Imagine the havoc products made of chemicals can and do cause internally!" 

At I Treasure ME, every ingredient, every product, and every recipe is well-researched by their standard Every creation is infused with Love. Now, that’s the kind of skin medicine that delights a body’s health!

I shutter when I recall all the impure skin products I used to use just because they were looked and smelled good, especially, soaps! Yikes, what was I thinking! Fortunately, I woke up! I learned that what I put on my skin is as important as what I put in my body! For the most part, I consume organic, nutritious foods, It only made sense for me to  create soaps that have the same healthy ingredients for my skin? It always starts with me treasuring ME! 

I have long wanted to make soaps, but somehow only recently found the time. And, I’m so elated that I get to experiment with recipes and molds to keep perfecting my Now, Dafina’s Soapy Delights™ are wonderful additions soaps would be to the Three Essentials Collection, having the choice of Serene Spirit Fragrant Body and Spirit Mist or Serene Spirit formulated in soap, or Serene Spirit as Roll-on Magic™. These soapy delights clean, soothe, and moisturize your face, hands, and entire body! Be prepared to lavish in delicious, soapy scents with soothing, skin-nourishing qualities!  

Dafina's Soapy Delights™ are created and formulated with all organic ingredients, and without lye. The soap base is made from an organic melt and pour base, made of goat's milk, glycerin, and/or oat, along with organic essential oils. My soapy delights are good for and to the skin. For smooth, silky softness, enjoy Dafina's Soapy Delights™!Lavish your body in their delicious, sudsy scents while enjoying the fact that every soap bar promotes healthy skin.

If the essential oil combinations listed in the soap menu on't thrill you, you will have the option to customize your Dafina's Soapy Delights™ to your suit your choice in essential oil types and/or combinations! Please keep in this in mind: I Treasure ME™ treasures YOU

*Customized orders only for 3 bars or more. 

*Soaps may be ordered with any other products.

Ingredients: All soaps are made with organic goat's milk, organic clear glycerin, shea butter, jojoba oil, lavender flowers, rosebuds, rose petals...                                                                   

Serene Spirit Handmade Soap™: Organic Lavender E.O., Rose Geranium E.O., Peaceful Awakenings Handmade Soap™: Organic Juniper E.O. Rosemary E.O., Peppermint E.O., Lavender E.O., Vital Thoughts Handmade Soap™: Sweet Orange E.O., Holy Basil E.O., Juniper E.O., Rosemary E.O.