About ITM

Twenty five years ago, I began experimenting with aromatherapy. What I was reading and exposed to fascinated me and who better to start with than self? Slowly, I began sharing with family, friends, and, mostly, patients of my acupuncture practice. Many times, I gave patients essential oil creations individualized to their specific ailment, be it mental/emotional or physical, like ear infections, respiratory ailments, stress, and skin rashes. They raved at the results they were having and the aromatic scents that enticed their olfactory senses. As time progressed, I began carrying my essential creations with me to conferences, workshops, seminars, wellness groups. By 2012, I joined Women's Initiative and the name of the business came to me in the form of an affirmation. I Treasure ME! And, here we are!

Our products are handcrafted, and specially formulated using ethically-sourced essential oils, organic and wildcrafted in a calm and loving setting.  Shop around. Try some a mist or oil. Try both. You'll be glad you did. Thanks for stopping by.

Treat yourself to the blissful experience of I Treasure ME essential creations!