About I Treasure ME!

Welcome to I Treasure ME™, home of my Organic Essential Oils Creations! 


What's in the name?

My name is R. Dafina Kuficha (Dafina). I am the Owner and Founder of this beautiful, ever expanding business. My name, "Dafina", means "treasure" or "someone of value." I'd say we are all "Dafina's" as we are all to be treasured as we are all of value, great value. My last name "Kuficha" means hidden. Altogether, my name means, "Hidden Treasure"!  

Although I had been creating my essential oil creations for over 25 years, but the name, I Treasure ME™, was born in 2012. As a practicing licensed acupuncturist, While enrolled in a women’s business program, the class was tasked with creating a name for our businesses. It seemed like an arduous task to me when no name came to my mind. However, one morning while in my favorite think tank, my shower, the name of my business came through. “I treasure me.” Yikes, I thought!

It was not the name I expected to choose for my new company. Instead, I thought the name might bring more of a chuckle than a serious nod, mostly because I felt it sounded and felt weak. I listened to the name again, saying it aloud and in an inner whisper, I let it reverberate through my consciousness. I heard my inner voice say, “I did NOT say, 'I treasure me.'” Listen with your inner ear!         

It's, I Treasure ME!” Hear the difference? I thought. Hmm, "I Treasure ME" is an Affirmation! It’s a Proclamation! It’s a Declaration! It’s an Obligation! It’s a Dedication! Hear that?“ Yes, I heard it! I realized that I had long needed to say to myself! In my life of service, I had forgotten to put myself first. I began to fade in the background, burnt-out, and exhausted. So, it was with deep appreciation that I joyfully exclaimed, “I Treasure ME" over and over again until I got a feel for it. The more I repeated the name, the more it resonated within me. Give my customers, vendors, anyone who said the name, an empowering affirmation! I realized that it could even be used as a mantra!

The name, I Treasure ME™ holds a powerful message for all who say it. It affirms Self-Love. Self-Love enhances the functioning of mind, body, and spirit. In this 21st Century world where we are fighting to keep sacred our basic human rights, where the value of life is in constant flux, and where the devaluation of life has caused endless suffering, we need powerful messages reminding us to Love, have Compassion, practice Tolerance, and share Kindness daily. In keeping with this important central theme, I name each of my creations with these foundational principles in mind, Serene Spirit™, Peaceful Awakenings™, and Vital Thoughts™ are my flagship creations.

What is in my products?

All I Treasure ME™ Organic Essential Oil Creations are infused with tender Loving care, TLC! I formulate each of my aromatic creations to support mind, body, and spirit in a most deliciously “scent-full” way! 

All products are handcrafted by me and specially-formulated using ethically-sourced, organic and wildcrafted essential oils. All products used are ethically-sourced, from carrier oils to the beautiful blue bottles! As well, all creations are formulated in a calm and loving setting. Organic, high grade essential oils have health and spiritual benefits. They can be blended for relief of muscle ache, calming nerves, for inflammation, anti-aging, moisturizing skin, to aid focus and concentration, for so many health-promoting uses. 

Please, shop at my store. Try a mist, an oil, or soap, or customize your order. I also create inhalers for various uses, to open sinuses, to help relieve stress, One-of-kind-orders can be formulated to your specific types of aromatic scents, i.e., woodsy, floral, citrusy. 

*At this time, ITM is in the middle of rebranding. I look forward to sharing what's new soon as I add new creations for your therapeutic delight!

Treat yourself to the blissful experience of I Treasure ME™ ,     

Home of Organic Essential Oil Creations! You'll be glad you did! 


                                                         Yosemite National Park                                                  @2017 Photo by Dafina