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Greetings, beautiful people!
Dafina Kuficha here, 
    owner and creator of I Treasure ME™,
Home of Alluring Organic Essential Oil Creations! 
Although I had been formulating my essential oil creations for over 25 years, it wasn't until 2012 that the name, I Treasure ME™, came into being. I was a licensed acupuncturist at the time, enrolled in a women’s business program in Oakland. During the course, we were tasked with creating a name for our businesses. It seemed like an arduous task to me because try as I may, no name came to mind, that is, until early one morning while in my favorite think tank, my shower, the name of my business came through. “I treasure me.” Yikes, I thought!

It just wasn't the type of name I expected to choose for my new creative endeavor. I let it reverberate through my consciousness and felt myself relax. It was like I was being guided to "Listen with my inner ear!"        

It's not, I treasure me, it's  I Treasure ME!” Hear the difference? I thought. Hmm, "I Treasure ME" is an Affirmation! It’s a Proclamation! It’s a Declaration! It’s an Obligation! It’s a Dedication! It's a Responsibility! "Hear that?“ Yes, I heard it! I realized that I had long needed to say that to myself! In my life of service, I had forgotten to put myself first. I began to fade in the background, burnt-out, and exhausted. So, it was with deep appreciation that I joyfully exclaimed, “I Treasure ME!" over and over again until I got a feel for it. The more I repeated the name, the more it resonated within me, the calmer my spirit felt. I thought, wow, every time someone says the name of my business, they are proclaiming Self-Love! It's an empowering affirmation! It can even be used as a mantra!

Thus, I Treasure ME™ holds a powerful message for all who say it. It affirms Self-Love. Self-Love enhances the functioning of mind, body, and spirit. In this 21st Century world where folks feel like they have to fight for everything, we can choose to stand with Divine Grace in our commitment to keep sacred our personal and collective basic human rights. We can choose to affirm the value of life, even though it appears to be in constant flux, even though devaluation of life continues to result in seemingly endless suffering. I Treasure ME™  is a powerful message for us all to realize Love in the midst of sorrow; to choose Compassion over cruelty, Tolerance over impatience, and Gratitude over entitlement. We can choose to perform purposeful acts of Kindness daily, starting with ourselves. There is a central theme of Self-Love infused in every product with foundational principles in mind, Serene Spirit™, Peaceful Awakenings™, and Vital Thoughts™.

I Treasure ME™ promotes self-Love and healing through self-discovery.

I Treasure ME™ treasures YOU! 


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