ITM: Roll-On Magic™ Aromatherapy On The Go

I Treasure ME's Roll-On Magic, Aromatherapy-On-The-Go™ is a concentrated blend of specially selected organic essential oils that enhance and balance body, mind, and spirit. The 10 ml roller bottles allow for convenient carry and usage. When rolled onto the skin, the properties of the essential oils enter directly into the bloodstream, promoting a more immediate and intimate healing experience. Remember to inhale deeply.

Enjoy our alluring blends, each formulated with organic essential oils selected for their own special qualities to aid emotional, spiritual, physical stability, relieve aches and pains, enhance breathing, and more, while also creating enticing aromas. Each blend has its own corresponding affirmation.


Serene Spirit Roll-On Magic™ :                 I AM HARMONIOUS!

Peaceful Awakenings Roll-On-Magic™:     I AM RESTORED!

Vital Thought Roll-On-Magic™ :              I AM REVITALIZED!