Dafina's Soapy Delights™

Dafina's Soapy Delights™ are formulated with all organic responsibly produced ingredients, and without lye. The soap base is organic goat's milk melt and pour, organic glycerin melt and pour base, and/or organic oat melt and pour base, along with organic essential oils. Other ingredients may include organic brown sugar, organic cocoa, organic turmeric, organic shea butter, organic jojoba, organic lavender flowers, organic rose petals, and a variety of organic colors. 

For smooth, silky softness, lavish your body with  Dafina's Soapy Delights™! Lavish your body in their delicious, sudsy scents while enjoying the fact that every soap bar promotes healthy skin.

*Customized orders are available when purchasing 3 soap bars or more. 




 *Soap bars are $12 ea.


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