Sweet Khasara Moisturizing Face & Body Oil

Sweet Khasara Moisturizing Face & Body Oil

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Moisturizes, softens, and soothes the skin, muscles, and tissues. Stimulates circulation, aids lymphatic stimulation and drainage, good for mild eczema, is analgesic, calms nerves, aids mental clarity and balances energy.

Directions: Use on moistened skin, a little goes a long way. Use for face and skin moisturizer, especially at night. Makes skin feel soft and moist. Great to use for massage oil because of its analgesic and lymph-draining actions.

Chakras: Opens & helps balance the sacral, 3rd eye, solar plexus chakras.

Ingredients:  grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerin, sweet orange, lavender, marjoram, ylang ylang. chamomile, rose geranium, clove bud, eucalyptus, and Love.