Dafina’s Gem: Skin is porous. Whatever you put on your skin eventually lands in your bloodstream. Imagine the havoc products made of chemicals can cause internally!

Yikes! I shutter when I recall all the skin products I would use just because they looked and smelled good! Fortunately, I woke up! I realized that what I put on my skin is as important as what I put in my body! I eat mostly organic, nutritious foods, so, why not create body soaps with healthy ingredients? It always starts with treasuring ME! That's not something I easily learned! These soapy delights clean, soften  and moisturize face, hands, and body!  While lavishing in their delicious scents, enjoy knowing that every ingredient used is healthy!  

Naturally, Dafina's Soapy Delights are created and formulated with all organic ingredients, and without lye. The soap base is an organic melt and pour base, made of goat's milk, glycerin, and/or oat, along with organic essential oils. I want to stress how important it is to use products that are chemical-free, and are good for and to the skin. 

For smooth, silky softness, enjoy Dafina's Soapy Delights! Lavish your body in their delicious scents while enjoying the fact that every soap bar is made with the health of your skin in mind.

*If the essential oil combinations listed in the soap menu on't thrill you, you will soon have the option to customize your Dafina's Soapy Delights™ order to your suit your choices in essential oils and/or soap base! Those orders may take longer to fill if Please keep in this in mind: I Treasure ME™ treasures YOU

*Customized orders only come in a set of 3 or more.